2016 BATC Highlights

BATC – Experts in Building Community

Earlier this year, BATC embarked on a major research project in an attempt to better understand what drives families to choose new or newly remodeled homes, and how to make our message resonate with these folks. Using the same type of analysis that political groups use, we were able to identify that about 22 percent of Twin Cities adults are planning to make a change in their housing in the next year or two, and are open to new construction. We learned that about a third of those adults say the home itself is most important in their decision, a third think the home and community are equally important, and the last third say the community is most important. But the intensity of the feeling is three times stronger in those that say community is most important – which led us to our new tagline: BATC – Experts in Building Community. Stay tuned for some fun creative centered around real construction workers planned for digital delivery early in 2017.  

Marketing & Communications

Much in the marketing world has changed in the past few years as digital promotion and social media advertising have, quite simply, exploded. BATC is moving quickly to embrace these new options as we target real prospective buyers for our members. But we also recognize that the Parade of Homes events continue to require a strong mass-media presence to reach current prospects as well as present the benefits of new construction to a whole host of future buyers. 

More information: Wendy@BATC.org, 651-697-7565

Parade of Homes(SM) and Remodelers Showcase®

While our signature events are still the most cost effective way for you to meet more real buyers today, they also help us build a pool of future buyers for your pipeline. When people stop by during a tour, they may say they’re just looking for a new color to paint their bedroom, or what new lighting fixtures are on the market, but they’re also getting to see the advantages that new and newly remodeled homes offer. Then, when they are ready to make that move, they will be much more inclined to think new and often, know just which builder or remodeler they’ll contact first after touring for years!

Spring Parade of Homes:
March 4 – April 2
Spring Remodelers Showcase:
March 31 – April 2

Deadline to Enter:
November 21, 2016

Artisan Home Tour by Parade of Homes®

With three years under our belt, the Artisan Home Tour has shown continued growth while developing a truly recognizable brand. Heading into our fourth year, we’ll continue to partner with Artful Living Magazine, put a hefty percentage of our promotion in highly-targeted (high-income) households, as well as use mass-media to bring foot traffic to Artisan Homes while continuing to grow brand awareness.

2017 Artisan Home Tour:
June 9-11; 16-18; 23-25
Deadline to Receive All Benefits:
October 31, 2016


Our website continues to grow year after year. With almost three-million pageviews and over 300,000 unique users in the last year, we know that our site is a critical component of our marketing efforts. As more and more of our lives are spent online, we’ll be working hard to make the site the best event tool and home resource opportunity for families all year round. Expect to see some exciting updates in 2017.

New and Newly Remodeled Homes are Better Campaign

Our “between the tours” marketing efforts are where new electronic promotional opportunities are making a real impact. By utilizing highly-targeted and therefore relatively inexpensive digital advertising, we are able to get our message in front of just those individuals who are most likely to be thinking about a move. We’ve pushed our Six Reasons to Buy New as well as our That Moment When videos this year, and will continue to develop and test new content in 2017.


MN Green Path

Green Path, a program of BATC, is a customized, realistic approach to building energy efficient and sustainable homes. We all know that Minnesota homes are some of the most energy-efficient homes in the United States. And we know that the next generation of home buyers are more interested in energy and green building than previous generations. That makes MN Green Path an incredibly valuable BATC asset.

More than 6,000 homes have been Green Path tested or certified since we launched in 2012. And, participation growth in the Green Path Energy Tour during the Parade of Homes has increased from 4% to 70% in five years. We hope to continue growing our green build program into the future, with a goal of helping more prospective buyers understand the value of energy and green features, and why new and newly remodeled homes help them get what they want.  

 More information: Mary@BATC.org, 651-697-7572


In the past several years, BATC has worked hard to up the ante in our advocacy efforts, and done so quite successfully we might add. From our work lobbying at the capitol to our political efforts, BATC has made an impact, and joined the ranks of the top three business groups in the region.

More information: Mary@BATC.org, 651-697-7572


Home Builder Advocate Network

Our Home Builder Advocate Network (HBAN) is just a year old, but already making headway by thoughtfully and effectively engaging policymakers on a local and state level. If you haven’t been contacted yet but would like to get more involved in our grass tops and grass roots efforts, please contact Mark Foster (Mark@BATC.org, 651-697-7575).


Save the Date!
Housing Day at the Capitol

The event that just keeps on growing, Builder Day at the Capitol will be bigger and better than ever as we join forces with the area REALTOR® associations in a newly branded, Housing Day at the Capitol. We’ll be moving to the River Center as our hub of activities, with opening remarks and a reception at the end of the day. Plan to join in the fun and take some time to talk to your legislators. This is truly a can’t-miss event! Housing Day at the Capitol is FREE and is one of the best-attended events by BATCs builder and remodeler members. 

What: Housing Day at the Capitol
When: February 23, 2017
Where: St. Paul River Center


Housing First Initiative

With the entire Minnesota legislature up for re-election in just a couple weeks, BATC has been hard at work for months. While there is no statewide race on the ballot, the contentious U.S. Presidential race will heavily influence election outcomes based on voter intensity and turn-out. Housing First has continued to broaden its fundraising efforts to ensure that the homebuilding and remodeling industry is a major factor in the 2016 races. Leading this effort is a dedicated cadre of industry leaders who make up the Housing First Leadership Group. Under their leadership, in concert with the BATC Board of Directors, Housing First has been in front of the local electorate with both educational and get-out-the-vote promotion over the summer and fall. Please vote!

To learn more visit our Housing First websites: HousingFirstNetwork.org and HousingFirstFund.org.

Contractor University 

For builders, remodelers and real estate agents, Contractor University provides top quality courses and instructors to keep your license up to date. But that’s just the start of our educational offerings. From our pre-show classes at BRS to our January and July economic forecasts, to our RoundTables, BATC works hard to make sure you have the resources you need to be successful.

December 2016-March 2017
Over 40 Courses • Full Day Just $99! * • More Technical Classes
Top Local and National Instructors Including Mark LaLiberte, Peter Kulczyk and more
MN and WI Contractor and MN Real Estate CE Credits

More Information: Tom@BATC.org, 651-697-7592
 * Lead Renovator, Mold Remediation and a few specialized courses are more. 

Industry Connections

Whether joining us at play or for more serious business, BATC’s event calendar provides plenty of opportunity to make industry connections. Start with our Big Three events (Housing Day, BRS and the BIG Night), where you’re sure to meet hundreds of peers and potential customers. Additionally, the BATC calendar offers economic programs, casual gatherings and sports (golf and clay shoot), plus niche roundtables for remodelers and small volume builders. Keep updated by checking out the Calendar at BATC.org.

 More information: Nicole@BATC.org, 651-697-7571


This year’s show at the Minneapolis Convention Center hit the mark. BRS is one of the largest builder shows in nation, and this year was no exception. Exhibitors loved the online booth booking system with its interactive floor plan, as well as the New Reveal – highlighting (online, in-print and on social) the new products/services that exhibitors had display.  Next year promises to be bigger and better than ever. Make sure you visit BATCBRS.com to exhibit and to check out what’s happening at the show.

Member Communications 

Our vision as the leading voice for builders and remodelers continues to inform all of our communications efforts. Make it a point to subscribe to our blog, BATC DAILY, check out our weekly VOICE e-newsletter, grab a card or two from the BATC-Deck that arrives in your mailbox five times a year, and of course, read up on BATC people and happenings in the quarterly BATC Digest. We’ll be launching a new texting option for those of you who like to get notified via text soon. And, our brand new online (and in print) Member Directory will be an amazing new tool for you to find and promote to other BATC members. You’ll be hearing more about the new directory in the next month.

More Information: Katie@BATC.org, 651-697-7567

BATC Foundation 

On any given night in Minnesota, there are hundreds of military veterans who have no place to call home.  The BATC Foundation has taken steps to address this need and the needs of other homeless populations by affiliating with HomeAid America, a national organization which focuses on providing services such as remodeling and construction to local service providers. Partnering with the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV), our first HomeAid Twin Cities project will provide the first family-friendly housing for MACV’s “Supportive Independent Living (SIL)” program. This program provides housing for at-risk, veteran-headed households for 18 months to two years. During that time, families receive financial counseling, family support, job training and health care, all designed to help the family get back on their feet.

More Information: Perri@BATC.org, 651-697-7597


Oak Park Heights Veteran Receives Needed “Houselift”

Jason and Genella are a blended military family who have experienced more than their share of misfortunes. Jason served eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps with three tours in Iraq. He currently serves in the Minnesota National Guard. Jason had difficulty finding work after his return from Iraq and was unemployed for several months. Genella was a college professor until she experienced numerous complications related to the birth of their son. Due to several surgeries, she now suffers from chronic pain and difficulties with lifting, movement and eating. The family has three children, ages 6, 6½ and 8. Because of Jason’s unemployment and Genella’s health issues, the family does not have the funds for upkeep on their home. The BATC Foundation are helping Jason and Genella with some window and door replacements, new kitchen and bathroom flooring and other maintenance.   


New Siding for Oakdale Veteran in need

Jonathan was a member of the Army Reserves when his unit was deployed to Iraq in July 2008. In December of that year, his left ankle received an avulsion fracture when he hopped off the back of a semi-truck’s flatbed. The pain from the injury did not go away and even worsened after deployment. Jonathan was eventually diagnosed with regional pain syndrome and is now unable to work. The family has exhausted their savings.  Partnering with American Building Contractors, Inc., the BATC Foundation was able to replace the siding on Jonathan’s home, which had deteriorated to the point where birds were living in the walls. Bernal said it will be a relief to have the house repaired because so many things could have gone wrong as a result of the deteriorating siding, including an electrical fire or mold damage. “I couldn’t afford any of this, ... I wouldn’t be able to get approved for a loan or anything,” he added.

These projects, and others like them, are made possible by your $5 admission fee when you visit each Artisan Dream Home and Artisan Remodeled Dream Home.  Additional donations, including setting up a monthly sustainer gift, may be made at http://www.batc.org/page/donatevolunteer


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