BATC-Housing First Minnesota Awards

BATC-Housing First Minnesota is proud to recognize our members and their achievements in the building industry. Each of the following awards are presented at the annual BIG Night celebration. 



Building BATC-Housing First MN Award

Your help in growing BATC-Housing First MN membership is priceless. Formerly the SPIKE program, our Building BATC-Housing First MN Award recognizes the one member who has recruited the most new BATC-Housing First MN members in the past calendar year.  


Legislator of the year award

BATC-Housing First Minnesota’s Legislator of the Year Award is given to members of the Minnesota Legislature who have championed the advancement of our policy agenda and legislative priorities. These legislators work closely with BATC-Housing First Minnesota to introduce or support legislation or amendments that advance our legislative goals. The award is given only when a deserving Legislator is identified, and there can be more than one recipient in any given year. The winner(s) are selected by select members of the Public Policy Committee.


Advocate of the year

This award recognizes members who have made major contributions in support of BATC-Housing First Minnesota's advocacy mission and platform, complimenting BATC-Housing First Minnesota’s mission to “Helping our members build their businesses – through marketing, advocacy and industry connections.” Recognition of an individual may be based on his or her contributions in a given year for outstanding service in promoting BATC-Housing First Minnesota’s legislative platform or for outstanding service over several years. The award is given only when a deserving member is identified, and there can be more than one recipient in any given year. The winner(s) are selected by select members of the Public Policy Committee.


Rising Star Award

This award honors emerging leaders within BATC-Housing First Minnesota’s ranks. Rising Stars are at the beginning of their building industry career. The winner exemplifies leadership qualities and shows a dedication to activities which build industry relationships and promote professional development. The Rising Star will be awarded to one or more individual(s) representing excellence as a Builder, a Remodeler or an Associate. The winner(s) are selected by the past year’s winner(s), past chair of the Young Professionals committee and select past Builder, Remodeler and Associate of the Year winners.


MN Green Path Leadership Award

The MN Green Path Leadership Award is given to a recipient that inspires us with their innovation, passion and commitment to building energy efficient and sustainable homes. This award is presented by the BATC-Housing First Minnesota Green Path Committee.


Housing Industry Leader of the year

We thank all our members who give of their time, energy and talents to support BATC-Housing First Minnesota and our industry, but there are more than a few of you who go above and beyond. Selected by BATC-Housing First Minnesota staff, the winner of this award is recognized for their extraordinary contributions during the past year.



The Bennie Award recognizes excellence in neighborhood design and construction. Judging criteria used to determine the winner includes: aesthetic appeal, land plan, retention of natural features, amenities, neighborhood structures as well as street layout.

View 2018 Bennie Entries



For more than 50 years, local builders have coveted the Reggie Award more than any other. Winners are selected by judging teams of Builders and Remodelers who visit homes within each category and scored homes to select the best example of excellence in design, construction quality and value.

View 2018 Reggie Entries



The Remodeler of Merit Awards (ROMA) honor our remodeler members for quality and value in remodeling projects that range from baths, kitchens and additions to whole-house remodels. Professional remodelers from Sioux Falls, SD, judge entries on creativity in meeting the unique challenges of remodeling, and in successfully meeting the needs, desires, and budgets of their clients.

View 2018 ROMA Entries


Trillium AWARDS

The Trillium Awards were established to honor our Associates for their partnership with Builders and Remodelers. As Reggie-winning homes and ROMA-winning projects are judged the very best, the Trillium Awards are given to all entered participating Associates in a ROMA-winning project or a Reggie-winning home.


Builder, remodeler & Associate of the year AWARDS

Each year, one builder, one remodeler and one associate member of BATC-Housing First Minnesota earn these prestigious awards, which recognize engagement, trade partner satisfaction and community service. Builder and Remodeler of the Year also includes customer satisfaction. Past “of-the-year” winners evaluate online surveys submitted by BATC-Housing First Minnesota members that the nominees work with and customer testimonials to select this year’s top three honors.



Since its inception in 2006, the Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award has signified dedication and service to the industry. Now, we’ve taken that a step further to create the first Lifetime Achievement Award for BATC-Housing First Minnesota members. The Robert L. Hanson Lifetime Achievement Award winner is selected by the current BATC-Housing First Minnesota President, key Executive Board Members and a panel of previous industry service winners, and is presented to the member(s) that have demonstrated continued efforts to support BATC-Housing First Minnesota and the industry throughout their career.